Unique Way To Celebrate Happy Holi At Office !!!!

The celebration of Happy Holi is incomplete without fun & enjoyment. And Holi is the best day when we choose to play with colors, Laugh & enjoy with out friends, relatives and beloved ones. the productivity of the workplace depends on office environment. If there’s the positive culture then employment can work according to their Planning and needs. So one of them is celebrate every festival together within the Office. This’ll provide a spirit of oneness and sense of belonging among the Employees.

Holi is one of the most popular and famous festival in India celebrate in early spring. Holi is the Festival of Color and Love which is all about letting lose and having some fun. the original significance of the Festival of Holi is the victory of good over evil. Also Its marks the arrival of Spring and the End of Winter. Holi is celebrated sometimes in early March while something in February. It is often views as the Indian version of the western carnival Festival. Some peoples Eat Samosas on holi while some peoples Drink Bhaang. Some have thandai while others make halva. Some Peoples Play only with color while some have a Water Balloon. The Holi Festival is also celebrated with diverse mix of one’s office Team-Mates.

The Traditional Dress code for Holi has always been White. You can wear White T-shirt with Slogans and smattering of colour is sure to put everywhere. You can wear It with Jeans and spend the Holi in stylish and refreshing way. You can celebrate holi festival at office with Colours, Fun, Party, Musics with your friends & colleagues. you can enjoy “Gujiyas”, “Namkeens”, “Thandai”, “Malpua”, “Kachories”, “Dahi Bade” & More.

The Festival of Happy Holi is always memorable and you can’t forget and try to End Conflict. On that time you need to make the better collaboration with your Friends, Colleague & Teammates. You can sponsor the delicious Lunch which’ll the the good Idea to Promote Employee Engagement in the Workplace. The HR Department can send Email the Previous announcing that Lunch Would Sponsor from the Office on the Occasion of Happy Holi.

Bright Colours always provide the Positive Effect and Boost the Employee’s Mood. So Decorating Workplace can be good Idea to Promote Employee Engagement. You can use some dried Flowers or decorative papers to deck up Employees Workplace. Which can be Surprise for everyone.

On the Occasion of “Happy Holi” you can keep the Art Competition at Office and ask employee to submit their and their family members piece Art themed on the festival and make the Unbiased jury to Choose the Winner.

Holi Party Ideas For Office-

  1. Use Organic Colours.
  2. Get a halwai to make fresh jalebis
  3. Keep the menu simple
  4. Play traditional games
  5. Rain dance
  6. Traditional decor
  7. Fusion decor with Traditional elements in modern designs
  8. Make a white background photo booth so that the colourful people in front stand out.
  9. Create posters of holi sayings like ‘Rang barse’ and ‘Holi Hai’

Holi is the festival of Colours. If you care enough for your dear ones, please let them to enjoy with Colors of Happy Holi with Nontoxic, Natural Colors which can be Made from Rice Flour with Natural ingredients and which’re Completely biodegradable, Compostable, non-toxic, allergy-free and Provide the Maximum color brilliance.

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